summation of the summer so far

2001-07-19 - 6:03 a.m.

"Cause you see black and white, and I see red" -Cyndi Lauper, 'Who Let in The Rain?'

"The world is black; the world is white; it turns by day; and then by night" -Oldies song I don't know the name of

Hmm...where should I begin? I've done many a thing since I last wrote a real entry, what was it, a month or so ago? Let me start by saying that I am reading "Africa in My Blood", which is a collection of letters written by Jane Goodall, so this entry may sound a bit proper, British, and formal.

Egads, I've got much to tell. 'Lemme 'splain. No, there is too much. Lemme sum up.'(If you know what I'm quoting, sign my guestbook and let me know just how cool you are.) Let's start towards the beginning of June, shall we? It was a hot day wait, let's try again. (I'm feeling frisky tonight, do forgive me.)

I saw my friends Lola and Gwen for the first time in absolute ages, and they were both looking and doing very well. We went riding along the Natchez Trace before hanging out at the mall and then going to Gwen's house. I got to see Juni a couple of days. This is not summing up...

To sum up, June was this: I hung out with friends, annoyed Wordwhore, watched entirely too much Three's Company at my Dad's house, truly began figuring out who I was and rediscovering my confidence, and somewhat started down the road that leads to a rather blissful existence. I also yelled at cats and put off household chores for as long as I could, but that kind of goes without saying. Okay on to July: Bought and shot off fireworks at Dad's, watched the ones that the park does every year (I think this may be the best they've ever been, but I could wrong), went to Lola's house and had a great time until I began to feel ill, and then started to cry at some point, I assume from stress or something. But it was all for the best. Singing in front of as well as crying in front of your friends, plus talking problems out with them, are all very nice strengthening things. I had forgotten this, if I ever really knew. I met the Wordy's Texas Crush and found him to be nice and likable. We sat at the park and at Waffle House, he, Wordwhore, and I, having interesting conversation and telling stories. We also played with straw papers. I read a Robert Ludlum book called "The Road to Gandolfo" and a Walter Mosely entitled "Walkin the Dog" (at least I believe that was the name). I read a book about creating portraits, and one about painting landscapes using acrylics. At some point, though I think it was in June, I read books on how to make soap, and the properties of various herbs. I looked up various bellydancing resources, because I decided there was no point in waiting to learn. I thought about becoming a trucker and seeing the country from the road while earning money for college. I talked to Lester off and on. I sang. A lot. I praticed driving, so that I may pass my test in a few weeks. I put on fake nails, which I am still wearing, in order to curb my apparent appetite for my real ones, as well as to help stop me from pulling out my hair. It seems to be working rather well, I don't think I've yanked a single one out since, and I haven't even really been playing with my hair all that much at all. Hmm, I think that's the basic summation.

Oh, the reason I said something about a "screwball comedy" is because Juni said that I reminded of one of the 30's or 40's kind. That I seemed to have walked out of a Claudette Colbert movie, or something along those lines. I kept asking her if she meant it as a compliment, because I took as one. And I began realizing how right she was. Sadly though, I do not have the classy glamour to go along with it.

I may or may not give the address to this diary to my friends. Not that I would say anything about ehm in here that I wouldn't to their faces. Not really anyway. But I don't want to say something good about one and have another get jealous or take something I didn't mean badly as an insult or anything like that. So I don't know, we'll see. I did let Lester have the address, however. He found something he read to be depressing, though he doesn't know why, so he hasn't read all of the entries, yet. He doesn't care for the design but that's probably because it isn't black, and really it doesn't matter anyway. Speaking of Lester I suppose I should give some of the details and explain what's going on between he and I, more than just summing it up. However...I'm tired and my abs and calves hate me. I want to explain some feelings as well as the situation, but in more detail than I have the attention span and energy to do this morning. So, I'm off, but I will give more of myself tomorrow. There are still many things to be said.

"...weakened like Achilles, with you always at my heels..."
"We talked of how our mothers kissed the wounds of our fathers; I could have been your sister, I would have been your brother." -Indigo Girls, 'Ghost' and 'Joking', respectively

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